Thursday, 24 June 2010


There are a lot of clematis(es?) in our garden. I showed Markham's Purple through the office window. This is a much better plant all round 'The Vagabond' which is by our front door.
The flowers are six to seven inches across. I do like them opulent and vulgar - and single, not double.

We have a range of clematis running from armandii, the thug, which flowers in January through to herbaceous ones which flower until late August. The thug is particularly thuggish this year and will have to be hacked back by someone on a ladder. So it will be done tomorrow. I will take before and after pictures.

I have sewn up one handspun cushion and felted the other two. When they are dried and round a cushion, I will take some photos. This morning's job is to tidy up in what is called the music room (it once had a piano in it). Michael wants to go back to water colours and my projects have expanded to occupy all available (and unavailable) space. So this needs re-organising by coffee time. So far I have wound a skein of dyed wool into balls and put away the skein and ball winders. If I am honest, all I have done so far is shift a lot of stuff on to the upstairs floor. And that was looking quite tidy too! I see I still have not put away the textiles I took to the London Guild.

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