Wednesday 9 December 2009

Warping Up

So here is the sectional warp beam on the Megado. Yesterday's faux pas has been removed. Section 1 has been done - took 40 minutes. Section 2 is being done in the photo. It took 35 minutes.

The photo shows the Megado's metal hoops which separate the sections. The ribbon of yarn comes from the warping wheel and over the back beam.   The wheel is off to the upper right.  This arrangement leaves the yarn with a big distance between the back beam and the sectional warp beam in which to wander about. So Michael made a wooden fitment which friction clamps to the back beam and can easily be slid along the back beam from section to section. The two rods are brass rods which are the same distance apart as a pair of hoops and just a little short of touching them. This allows fast winding on of the warp ribbon from the wheel.

Here are the first two sections side by side with the variation in colours clearly visible although these are quiet compared with what is to come!

This is Michael's other helpful gadget - a cross-maker. Lots of people report in Weavetech that they lay the end of each section and just pick off the threads. Me, I am a belt-and-braces person and ask what if   - - . So I have a cross maker. I think AVL has started selling one of these to go with the warping wheel but they didn't offer it when I bought mine. My cross-maker consist of two brass rods inserted just above the clip. What you see in the photo is when the warp is being wound on the warp beam. The four ties are quite clear on the cross.

When all the sections are wound, I pick up all the crosses on the lease sticks and we're done. It works.

Now to wind another section.

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  1. I'd love to see a picture of the entire wooden fixture with brass rods that you use in sectional warping. Sounds like a good idea!



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