Saturday, 26 December 2009

Warped Up

I re-tied the warp, wove a few inches with 2/20 cotton and then set out with a grey silk weft. I wound a pirn according to the instructions and here it is, installed in the new Bluster Bay shuttle. I had to loop the thread round all but one of the hooks to get a good tension.  It does very nicely although it is much bigger than my ordinary boat shuttles at 12.5 inches as against 8 inches.
It is also higher by 0.25 inch. This lasted me for 6 inches of weaving but I had not filled it and the second one I filled a lot more.

After one pattern, I had to revise the draft - there was an error which was very visible. In general, I do not see how I am going to pick up any errors in threading unless they are very obvious.

This is the selvedge - remember that it is 60 threads to the inch so this is a tiny section. The selvedge does look better than usual and I am happy about this.

There was a lot of draw-in and I am using a temple but it is leaving holes in the selvedge.  I intend to weave a yard, cut that off and wash it. If the holes do not disappear I will have to think again. The Megado is not built so that a sideways weighted system would work - not without extra supports on the sides.

Here is what a bit of the cloth looks like on the loom - again this is a tiny section, only 4 inches across.  I don't know how we are going to photograph the whole thing and do it justice. It shimmers if you move your head slightly which is what I intended.  This photo looks dull compared with reality.

My other worry is the tiny bits of fluff I can see. I hope this is not going to be a problem.

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