Wednesday 9 December 2009

Jacket and the New Warp

I have finished my jacket apart from the buttonholes. Dixie Nichols' buttons have arrived and so I might try sewing sample buttonholes tonight. You can see the yellow machine embroidery on the lining of the jacket just by the lapel in the two photos. The lower photo  also shows the lapel cut on the cross. The jacket fits well and I will post a photo when the buttonholes are done and the buttons attached. Husband thinks it is the best thing I have ever made. I think he is prejudiced in its favour by the fact he likes the cloth.

Last night I started out warping up with my multi-coloured warp. This single section was the first and is wrong, wrong, wrong.  The colours look nice and that is about all.

Firstly the counter on the warping wheel gave lots of trouble - like not counting at all. It is working at the moment but there was a flurry of emails to AVL who were helpful but have not yet come up with a solution - except buy a new one. I do not mind that. But I do mind waiting till it gets here!

Secondly I was not careful enough in making sure the next colour to be tied was the right one. However I have worked out a more foolproof method for future sections.

Thirdly, although I thought about it carefully, I have managed to get the colours wrong left to right (nice colours though).

Fourthly I put this  section on to the warp beam back to front. How stupid can you get? My husband said 'Why can't you unwind it and wind it on again?' Well because it has the colour reversal error anyway and,  even if it didn't, I don't think the rewound section would be properly tensioned.

So the day-job can wait. I am going to cut off that section immediately after lunch and wind more sections. That first section took me an hour. I hope I can get the time down as I have 34 sections to do.

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