Thursday, 24 December 2009

Still Warping Up

The warp is sleyed and tied on. This is the view from the back of the Megado. The eight repeats with their coloured heddles are clearly visible

And this is the front view.  Since taking this photo I have uncrossed four or five crossing threads in the reed and sorted out the tension. I think I will re-tie it. The heddles are crammed together because of there being 60 ends to the inch and the advancing twill pattern which means several threads on the same shaft are close together. Doing repairs is no joke when the threads are so close together.

Apart from this, I have cooked, organised the family to do the Christmas tree, hung up the Christmas cards, finished the present wrapping and started the brioche dough. Brioche stuffed with oxtail tonight. Oh and I helped my son-in-law, Robin, to make sausages. We tried them for lunch - excellent.

I had a Christmas present today - three samples of donsu which is Japanese polychrome silk damask. It is so fine, it is nearly transparent. When Christmas is over, I shall examine the samples with a microscope and work out how they are done. The one on the right has gold thread in it. This was obtained from 'Tea Passage' , a tea ceremony company in the States who sell the Japanese wherewithal to make some of your own things for the tea ceremony. These samples are intended for creating shifuku which are little bags to hold the tea caddy in. I failed totally in my attempts to buy some donsu directly from Japan but I am happy with what I have acquired as it will help my researches.

Now I must make the gravy for tomorrow's lunch and check out all the other food. I hope everyone reading  this is enjoying a domestic celebration though I fear some others may not.  I always make sure we support the Salvation Army at this time of year in the hopes that some homeless are helped as a result.

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