Sunday, 13 December 2009

Warping Up (4)

The 34 sections are all on. I made changes to the colours around number 30 (numbering from the left). The original plan had several sections of indigo here as at the left-hand end and I decided this was too much so left one section indigo and replaced the next three with two blues, a mid-blue and a gray-blue. I also added extra threads to the right as I don't trust my counting.

And here is it with the lease sticks in and checked, the ties removed and the ends cut to be even and a general tidy-up.

Tomorrow should see the start of threading.

Today it stopped being very foggy and the sun came out so, after lunch,  we went to the Bevere Gallery  which is on the northern out-skirts of Worcester. They were holding their Christmas exhibition with lots of lovely ceramics including some very fine porcelain pieces. Every third piece we saw seemed very desirable. So we had a cup of tea and discussed the paintings of Bewdley in the cafe with the tea lady (that is not a situation you meet very often). Then we inspected everything again and I bought Michael his Christmas present which was a tall porcelain vase. We also acquired a silk flower arrangement of arums - very avant-garde. 

This coming week is full of events. They had better not take up valuable weaving time.

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