Sunday, 13 December 2009

Warping Up (3)

Progress is definitely happening despite setbacks. On Friday morning, I had reached 12 sections. By Saturday morning, this had risen to 21 and by Saturday night to 28 with one disaster. The small raddle on the warping wheel has a sharp edge which I have been meaning to do something about. The raddle has to be moved when the warp is finished on the wheel so that the section can be wound onto the loom. So you put a cap on the raddle and move it. For Section No 26, two threads had got caught on the sharp edge and, in my attempts to  free these at the moving stage, the raddle left the cap and fell on the floor. I was left holding on to the threads and the cap, uttering very unladylike language which was so pronounced as to bring Michael rushing into the room to see what was up. When I had calmed down and he had picked up the raddle, I decided I would try to wind this section onto the warp beam and placed the threads back in the raddle as carefully as possible - but not carefully enough as there was a multitude of snapped threads. So that section was cut offoff, thrown away and a replacement wound.

Six sections to go. The colours look great.

Oh, by the way, the sharp edges are now taped up. 

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