Thursday, 17 December 2009

Not weaving

On Monday I got 2 sections threaded up. On Tuesday I did another 8. But I have been away since then. I am threading up using a method which someone (thank you whoever it was) described some time ago on the Weavetech Group. You take your draft with the wanted warp threading, turn it into a liftplan and do trompe as writ for the weft and save as a new draft. Then use that draft to drive the computer and the shafts are lifted in the correct order.  I have done too much 32 shaft point twill which is easy to thread up. But this is a repeat of 172 threads with a complex structure. The new method works a treat although I cross-check every 10 or so threads. It is all looking good.

But also on Tuesday, I turned out all the hardware and electronics items I own for the business and sorted them out. One local engineering friend came round on Tuesday afternoon and removed masses of metal work which he can re-use. The rest was packed into boxes ready for Wednesday when it was all put into the car. Even with the back seats down there was hardly enough room. We then drove to West Sussex where we unloaded the lot at the factory of an old friend, Richard Wylde. Now he has just knocked down his factory and rebuilt it. His proud boast is that they never stopped earning money while this was going on. He is a tool-maker/scientific instrument builder so the machinery is large, complex, highly accurate and very heavy. Last night, he had a formal opening which was one of the best parties we have ever attended. Unlimited champagne and the most fantastic nibbles (tempura for one thing).  They had a very interesting way of offering the food. Imagine a perspex box about 18 inches square and 4 inches high sealed up and with Christmas baubles inside! then the food put on the top surface. A highly original tray. And the technical exhibitions were first rate.

When  this was all over, there was a dinner for the guests - a special one for 20 guests (including us) and another one else where. All very splendid. The reason for us being there is that the firm has built practically all my hardware for more than 20 years.

This morning, I went back into the factory at 8 o'clock to do a teach-in on the electronics I had delivered. By 0930, we were on our way back home  which we reached at 1315. Somehow it is the end of an era for me. But I am not sorry I retired.

And now I must do the works Christmas cards - saying goodbye to everyone

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