Thursday, 15 November 2012

Studio Bling (2)

So here is a cushion with a sequinned elephant on it from Burma (courtesy of Dr Soe Min Tun!) and adding to the general blingness of the studio window seat. I have started having my breakfast there.

And here is a cock printed on cotton (courtesy of Linda Scurr who knows that I like chickens and cocks).

And here's a view of some of the window seat omitted the fan reed cushion on the right and three Lee's Surrender cushions on teh left. These are (l to r)
Katazome (done by me)
Mola work from Guatemala
Printed cock
Sequinned elephant
Multiple ribbons (made by me)
songket from Kuala Lumpur

And that's the studio finished.

I also finished the pink scarf and repaired a cookery book belonging to my daughter, Anne. Very odd. It is a newish hardback with properly sewn signatures and the text block is nearly two inches thick so it is heavy. But there are no tapes and no mull and rather thin end paper so the endpapers have torn away. I removed the brown paper on the spine, scraped as much glue off as possible, plastered the spine with PVA, added three tapes and mull and then considered the endpapers. I opted for some strange Malaysian paper I have which is cotton fabric bonded to paper which is thick and strong. No need to do anything about the covers and spine. At the moment, the whole book is glued and assembled and sitting under weights. I shall take it over to Anne today. 

Other news this week is that I made wholemeal bread, the first for over two years. Not quite as nice as it should but soooo much better than anything I can buy here. I intend to keep the bread making  up and no doubt the taste will be back to normal in a few weeks. The other good news is that a bookseller came yesterday and looked over the huge pile of music Michael left even though 4 foot of it has gone to the Viola Da Gamba Society. He inspected every item and I was astonished when he took most of it. I have a pile to go to V Da G Society next week and a few miniature scores left (he took 75% of them). The result of all this is that I have a cheque to bank today and an empty 6  foot metal cupboard. By the end of next week, all the music books and music will be gone and then I have to set about selling some stuff on ebay. I have already put a book on Amazon to see how that works.

I need to consider what I am going to do at Bourneville tomorrow. We are supposed to be stencilling. What am I doing next? 


  1. The elephant is gorgeous, and he fits into the window seat gallery very nicely.

  2. It must be the season to revive bread making, it's exactly what I have done too! Chris W



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