Friday, 9 November 2012

Another Project Completed

The Bourneville class was cancelled because the tutor is ill. Which left me wondering what I ought to do today. I considered a haori made from spoace dyed cotton and even looked out suitable cotton last night. This morning I decided to abandon this project. It sounds too awful to wear. And if I won't wear it, why should anyone else. So that is deleted from the project list. 

Instead I finished the scarf woven on the remaining warp from the Wokefield Park course. The fringes need to be done and the scarf needs to be checked over for errors which I shall do this evening.

Earlier this year I wove what I called Art Deco patterns using Diversified Plain Weave. I always intended to turn this into a bag and that was done today. I used all the squared pattern and most of the circles although there was not much of the circles anyway. The pocket lining and the lining inside was made from spaced dyed cotton in green and purple. The ribbon is from the USA and was bought to trim a white silk jacket but I bought more than I needed so had just enough to trim the handles (of black cotton) here.

When Gavin Davidge, the furniture maker, delivered my paperchest, I asked him if he ever had any off-cuts which I could make into the wooden covers of Coptic books and showed him what I had done before. The answer was yes, he had some bits which he has now cut and planed to the right dimensions. This afternoon, I collected three sets of book covers from him, all of black walnut. He recommends finishing them with beeswax. I did not finish the previous set and worry about stains. So I will try to polish one pair.

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