Sunday, 11 November 2012

And another project finished!!

This scarf was woven on the leftover warp from Stacey Harvey-Brown's course last month. It is stitched double cloth with one side cotton and the other shrinkable wool. The idea was to shrink the wool and get texture, only I had already space-dyed the wool warp and it did not shrink (presumably it said, 'Been there, done that'). But the weft shrank so I got folds in one direction. There was a lot of warp left at the end of the course and also a lot of the space dyed warp, so I rewrote the draft and wove the scarf you see on the left, using teh space dyed wool as weft. The woolly back can also be seen and it is all rather pleasing. Oddly enough the reason for the baby pink (not my colour at all) is that I inherited a lot of baby pink cotton  and thought I would use some up but the combination of the pink cotton and the space dyed (purple, blue, red) wool is effective.

I gave the second lecture about drafting yesterday. Everyone turned up for a second bout of punishment and one student (Jenny Smith) even turned up having done her homework - and woven the result!! A very nice piece of repp weave in dark blue and white. It has made me think. I was talking yesterday aboue 'Unique' threadings which are ones where you can only use one tie-up to get anything sensible. And  said it paid to put on a warp where you could use several different treadlings. I have heard of someone who has not changed her threading for 20 years. She just ties on a new warp. Clearly if you are a production weaver, this is sensible. Though I might get very bored!! B ut this is really the reason why I have been playing with Diversified Plain Weave for the last couple of years. Because you can keep generating nice patterns. And I was quite disappointed when I got to the end of the warp. I don't like to think of tying on a new DPW warp though. 

The house was littered with things that needed putting away and I have resolved to tidy up at teh end of a project. I got up early this morning and tidied up the lot.  Now I must go and look at the cellar as a man is coming to inspect Michael's sheet music this week.

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