Friday, 3 August 2012

The Studio

I have spent the last two days having a major reorganisation in the studio. This is the result of reading lots of magazines and books on 'How to Reorganisation Your Studio' at my sister's house.  The most important statement I came across was 'Clutter is storing the same kind of thing in lots of different places'. I agree with that. The problem arises when I want to find a specific thing and having to rake through four or five different sites to find it. So I carried out a major amalgamation and things should be easier in future. Mind you I have not started on upstairs yet but that will be next week's job. I have also

1) found an awful lot of felt in various places which is now stored in one (labelled) box
2) found an awful lot of very thick fabric (which is going to another good home)
3) found that I am missing three of my beloved Bluster Bay shuttles. There are going to be a few menacing remarks at Guild tomorrow. My name is on each.
4) found all the lino cut stuff. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed that, I had great plans for doing a book which was discussed with Michael. So it must have been two years ago. I must re-instate that as a project
5) threw out all my attempts at Pop-up engineering. Yes I loved it but life is too short and I would rather do the lino-cuts
6) sorted out the paint brushes. I do not need so many so am giving some away but I could not bear to throw away Michael's beautiful Chinese brushes so need a home for them.
7) excavated the Louet Kombo which has a lovely warp on it. I last wove some of it 2 years ago. The loom could not be moved downstairs and so it got neglected while Michael was alive but then got forgotten. This has to go high on the project list which currently reads

  • finish Diversified Plain Weave on Megado (in next week)
  • warp up Megado for Hana Ori samples for Complex Weavers Japanese Textile Group. I am taking them with me to the States in September when I attend the Complex Weavers biennial binge outside Washington DC. The warping up in 30/2 cotton will take some time but the weaving should be quick. It has to be done by end August.
  • finish up on Louet Kombo - this is slow. It is fine double cloth and I remember that I could get 10 inches done in four hours but it was punishing work. I have got a fair bit to do - several yards. I have done samples and made a four page book already so I know it works.
  • and after that who knows.  Donsu on the Megado?I have two drafts ready. Some silk yardage in 90/2 silk? I have a draft ready. I need to sort out colours for this
And just in case you were wondering, I ought to be able to start on the lino cut book in parallel with all this weaving. The family is all away on holiday and I am not going anywhere for the next several weeks so here's hoping a few projects get completed.

I am now off to Bournville. The class is holding an exhibition at Selly Manor, Bournville for the next week. Today we are hanging it. I will post photos tomorrow.


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