Wednesday, 29 August 2012

More on Barbara Walker's course

I have completed weaving off my samples from Barbara Walker's course and cut the warp off the Voyager. I made four mats, one of which is shown on the left. 10/2 cotton and quite nice. The Voyager has been cleaned  up and all the bits and pieces put away. Though I have not put the Voyager away. If it goes anywhere, it will have to go upstairs except that I am toying with the idea of getting a small table to put by the window seat and parking the Voyager on that and storing the 12 shaft under neatyh. And don't ask how I am getting on with the new 12 shaft. I feel quite embarassed about it. I have not unwrapped it yet.

 The class had homework to do every night and this is my work on wrappings. Don't know that I would ever try the colours on the right but I might use the left hand one.

Yeterday I sorted out all the cotton yarn which has been used by Guild members for various courses. And there was a lot of Rosie Price's yarn there so that is now in a plastic box to be taken back to her.

The other thing I did today was attend a meeting of the Midlands Textile Forum in Birmingham. I suppose the most important thing from my point of view was that I had a really good idea for a weaving. Two years ago I wove a set of pictures about songs from South Pacific using a stitched double cloth in 60/2 silk where I painted both warps a different colour. Each song was about 10 cm square. Now suppose I wove something about the same width but 20 inches long and wove five of these so they matched up sideways. Then mount the lot side by side on a dowel. I reckon I could do a picture of the Malvern Hills and I am sure I have a good photo to base it all on.  I hope everyone else at the meeting thought I was industriously taken notes but actually I was making sketches of how it would work.

So there. Now where does that fit into the schedule? I shall be finished on the Megado by Friday and I had intended to do samples of hana-ori (Okinawan weave). But I will have to wait for some weeks before the 30/2 yarn I have ordered for it arrives. So I might do my planned samples of donsu. I can't launch straight into the Malvern Hills. It is too soon. I need a week or two to think about it. And on the topic of 'thinking about it', I have just realised that I think about a book binding project for a year or sometimes more before I start it but I can launch into a new weaving project at a day's notice. Now what am I to make of that?

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