Sunday, 12 August 2012

At the Megado

I have been weaving on the Megado. The first thing to do was to mend two errors in the warp. This entailed resleying about 60% of the warp when corrected. I now have a row of sheep (Jacobs?) for Rosie Price. I shall sew sequins on as their eyes and mount the strip of fabric on a piece of pelmet Vilene, possibly with green ribbon plus flowers at the bottom. The top bit is an Art Deco design in black and white. I don't need much of that and then it is on to fireworks!!

Yesterday I started on another three day course on Creative Development. We carried out all sorts of exercises and I ended up painting a watercolour of a row of poplars!! I have never used watercolour in my life. Also the tutor asked everyone a question. Who do you want your work to be modelled on? And which artist do you really like? I think the answers to these
questions are different and are probably different on a day-to-day basis. I am taking in a book of sketches of Singapore to show what I really like but I don't see much chance of that happening. Why am I doing this? I have always wanted to draw, not in an end in itself but so that I could add little drawings to my Day book. The Day Book is about weaving and bookbinding plus other things like books I have read, places I have been - and I do not keep it up religiously. It contains ideas for weaving drafts and sometimes a sample draft. When thumbing through it yesterday, I found a really nice draft for a silk fabric. Great advantage is that it is broken 3 and 1 twill. All the detail is the colours of the warp - and I need to get to Uppinghams to get the colours of 90/2 silk I need.

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