Friday, 13 April 2012

More on Mountains

One of the many views from the cliff edge. You can see in the background the endless forest. No roads in there. Yesterday we hired a 4 by 4 and a guide to drive it and went down into the valleys and were driven around. Saw kangaroos which were wild but very fearless. Mile after mile of forest - where there were a few dirt roads.

I was lucky to get these two. Mostly they fly away from people. Lots of them about. They are rosellas. There is another species which is blue-green. Last night we drove back to Sydney - at rush hour - with a major pile-up on the motorway. Reached the Hertz depot at 1930 to discover they close at 1730. Then we had to negiotate  the traffic again to get to the hotel!! This morning I got up early and returned the car. Today we are supposed to be going across to an island but it is now 0930 and no one else in the party is  up. Don`t care much actually. This whole trip was a big mistake. I had a long chat to our driver yesterday who said that Heron island, and indeed all the  Reef resorts, have ruined their surroundings and it was a big mistake to go there. It was all a con. I was glad to have my suspicions confirmed but  it does not make up for the disaster.

That's it for now. Next entry will be in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday.

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