Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Builders are in residence

The builders arrived at 0830 on Monday morning to insert new windows in the studio.

I had imagined (in my ignorance) that I would be able to hop in and out of the studio to collect things. I was very taken aback when I looked into the room an hour after they arrived. They have piled everything up into a tower at one end of the room and wrapped everything in thick plastic sheet, including the Megado. I managed to rescue some essentials like all my book binding stuff for a class today. And as to how they are getting on, there is a huge hole in the wall with a lot of props and one steel lintel has been put in. The electrician turned up yesterday and we discussed the lighting. Three lots of suspended track lighting, since you ask. With four adjustable spot lights on each track. Today I have to go down to the wholesaler's and order everything. 

And the plumber comes today to install a new radiator.

It is all very unsettling. So yesterday I did a major amount of work on my stash of paper. It was all over the house. I have made room for it on some shelves in the office and assembled everything smaller than A2 there. The trouble is that I have a pile of imperial sheets as well as some A1. I could put it on a high shelve but then it will not be easy to flick through looking for something specific. I could buy a plan chest but A1 plan chests are expensive and more important where would I put it? I am thinking of going round to the local auction house and seeing if I can get something a big cheaper. Still does not solve the problem of where to put  it though.

And I am very worried about the windows. Blinds? or Curtains? Or maybe Fabric Austrian blinds. Pros and Cons. I like Venetian blinds but the window is 2.7m across so there would have to more than one blind, three probably. I don't like that because of the gaps between the blinds. Besides if we get a cold winter, Venetian blinds are not much good. As for curtains, well it is a large stretch to cover and I would not want the windows blocked when the curtains are open. Fortunately There is a 600 mm stretch of wall at each end into which the curtain when open could live. I could have Austrian blinds. These are the ones which are of fabric like curtains but pull up to hang in festoons at the top of the window. These would be expensive. The advantage of curtains is that I am pretty sure I could use material in my stash. I have, for instance some lovely Tunisian curtain material in brown and gold (gold metallic thread)  and I have a lot of that. And there is some really nice sari material. I can't help feeling that making curtains out of the stash would make me feel useful and better!!! Anyone got any thoughts on this problem? The outlook from the windows is due South over the garden.

I finished the new feathers draft on Sunday, took it off and tidied up the Megado. It does not photograph well as all the weft yarn is lurex and you don't get the glitter. It needs a bit of finishing off and then I might make it up next week.

This is a close up which does not do it justice.

This morning I will look at the stash of large paper again and try to sort it out. This afternoon is the bookbinding class. I have a 1912 children's book which has fallen apart and I want to repair. The cover is in a bad way but I don't believe it can be repaired. instead I am going to make a box for it to live in. That will certainly keep me busy all term!

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  1. For our living room bay window we have six single-width curtains. It works well because we can move a single curtain to cut out direct light (yes, there are days when the sun is TOO bright, even here - and the bay is a nice place to sit with a laptop) without having to block half the window.



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