Monday, 17 October 2011


These are four samples of patterned silk from Kyoto. The two left hand ones are Yuzen. The top right hand one is woven roses - and does not show up well. Not sure about the fourth one.

 Two examples of kasuri  (warp and weft ikat) from Kyoto. Both are silk.

Hana-ori from Okinawa. You can clearly see the flowers in this large sample which is cotton.

And this is hana ori too - on bashofu, the banana tree bark fibre. A tiny piece because it was so expensive!!! On the left is a small piece of the fibre. This is the thick stuff from the outer bark layers. The fine fibre of the weaving is from the inner bark.

This is a guard dog in bingata on hemp. Guard dogs are everywhere in Okinawa. If you are the Government, then they are four foot high and in bronze and very severe. If you are a shop keeper then they are likely to be in painted pottery 12 to 18 inches high and rather cheerful. They come in pairs which are slightly different. Needless to say I have a pair of terra cotta ones - rather small but very cheerful.

And this is my bingata stencil. I have written off to an American expert to see if he thinks I should put a protective layer on it before use.

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