Friday 10 December 2010

Screen Printing at Bourneville

Michael came home on Wednesday positively roaring with energy. The Hospice Doctor went through all his medication and threw out a lot of stuff. I don't know whether the blood transfusion or fewer drugs have caused it but he has his sense of taste back. Lack of taste meant that he did not enjoy food at all. Now he ios asking for second helpings!!!

Yesterday I went to Worcester to get a haircut and took in the Worcester Resource Exchange - Santa Claus was definitely an unseen presence as I got some wonderful stuff, felt, substantial webbing in various colours, just the thing for bag handles and some nicely finished heavy pieces of wood to use as pressing boards. Not to mention acrylic paints, inks and high class brushes.

Today I went to Bourneville and did some screen printing. When I got home, I spent some time trying to work out while this was so much more productive and enjoyable than screen printing in the NEC course last August. I think it is partly that we are not pushed for time and that Annette provides so much in the way of different materials, everything from organza to heavy duty upholstery fabric by way of felt so all the students work on a motif, trying it out as background texture, as isolated motifs, on all these different fabrics. You can see this from what the photo on the left which shows a screen print done from a small doily of paper!! I did a lot of these. One piece of cloth shows isolated motifs, the other shows a background texture made up from many overprintings in differente colours.

This is another motif - sort of Sonya de Launay. Again I have several variants of this and intend to add Mola work as soon as I can get to a sewing machine.

Progress on the Christmas cards is good. I have only a few more to do. I have parcelled up everything which needs to go the post tomorrow. I must write a few more cards - especially those going abroad and get them off tomorrow as well.

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