Monday, 20 December 2010

More Mola Work

Recent life has dominated by working round the weather.

On Friday we got to Cheltenham and back for Michael's radio therapy in less than 3 hours!! Mind you the ambulance was over 90 minutes late. So the exercise took a lot longer than 3 houts if you count waiting time. Saturday morning I got the car out and did various small but essential jobs around Malvern. Sunday we cowered inside and admire the garden from the window.  Today (Monday) there is no more snow but the temperature is -7  and there are hardly any vehicles on the road. This morning's carers said the main roads were fine so I went to the Post office with all the Christmas cards and the final lot of parcels. We wrote all the cards and wrapped all the parcels over the weekend. 

What else have I done? Quite a lot. The cushion material was thoroughly examined using  jeweller's eyeglasses (aka headband binoculars)  and any repairs carried out. I bought the backing material and Velcro last week so should be able to finish them off by Wednesday.

I have made and carried out some command decisions about the gilet I am making for the Bourneville class on Creative Textiles. A previous photo showed the motif of three calladium leaves worked on a dark green mottled cotton and I have dyed some cotton pale green with Procion MX dyes for the gilet itself. The pattern pieces have been cut out. When I came to consider applying said motif to the pale green cotton, I realised that, if I zigzag stitched over the existing outline which is in a variegated thread, it would lose a lot if I oversewed even in the same variegated thread. So I decided to start again and treat the existing piece as a sample.  The creases are in the backing felt and yes there is a bloodstain on the edge but I reckon it will be behind the bias binding. I have found some lovely hand-dyed cotton in the fabric stash which I shall use as lining. My current thoughts, since the lining is so beautiful is to make the gilet reversible but I am troubled by what to use as an edging or should I do without I will make up both parts first and then re-consider.

Given the cold and the need to do something about Christmas meals, I have put off Summer and Winter samples for a week as well as the dyeing in violet.

Added later. We hear that Worcester had 15inches of snow overnight and has ground to a halt. Worcester is seven miles away from us. The motorways, M5 and M42, are down to a single lane and some exits are closed. And the Kuala Lumpur lot phoned us from a stopover in Dubai saying they expected to take off for Heathrow in one hour (1000 hours our time). We have not heard further so they must be on their way - but Heathrow is shut.  Interesting.

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