Sunday, 14 February 2010

Woe is Me!

I have the bookbinding pieces laid out on the big table in the work room and have slowly been glueing parts up. In some ways it is better than my class because I don't have hang around waiting for things to dry. Instead I can do some glueing, put under pressure and come back the next day. Progress is slow but sure - except that I am too short of PVA for the next major task. I'll get some more tomorrow in town.

The woe is caused by the Megado - or rather its computer. I reinstalled the computer and all the network links this morning and repaired a couple of threads in the warp. Then switched on. The computer is fine - but the network link is not. The computer running the Megado is an old one - surplus to requirements and installed beside the loom. I do drafting in the office on another much newer computer and the Megado computer reads the draft files directly across the network. Not today. Apollo is not speaking to Vulcan. (Michael decided a long time ago that each computer's  name would be that of a Greek or Roman god who appeared in an opera!! Well it is an improvement on a British cheese which one large organisation uses). Anyway Apollo is not speaking to anybody and, when I investigated, Vulcan was not speaking to anybody either. After poking about,  Vulcan is speaking to everybody except Apollo. At this point, I copied the wanted draft file onto a diskette and Apollo refused to read it. 

I gave up and went for a walk on the Common. It was lovely and sunny and a fine view of the Cotswolds across the Vale of Evesham. When I got home, I inspected the garden for flowers. Not a lot compared with February last year. No camellias, not even Cornish Snow which usually starts in December. No sign of any peach blossom.  There is mahonia, snowdrops and cyclamens and the daffodil spikes are about 5 inches high so it will not be long before spring is here. I have picked some snowdrops to take into hospital for Michael. In the hopes that he will be sufficiently pleased to tell me how to cure my computer woes.

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  1. In the Dundee maths dept it was alcoholic drinks! Paul Smith had Shiraz and Stuart's was Drambuie. Beats names like E089147ZP, which is what you get at the Cooncil.

    I hope they get over their hissy fit and start speaking again soon.



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