Wednesday, 26 July 2017


I have a project to weave some velvet. Since this is a new one on me, I decided to weave a project from Deb Essen's book on Supplementary warps. And I have spent all day fighting with it. First I used some velvet rods I have by me but the results were poor - tracked down to the rods being too small. A hasty dash into Reading got me three of everything they had with a cross-section not more than 6mm on a side - four different cross-sections.. The next trial made the yarn pull out. Tracked down to the track for the cutting knife being too deep. Fortunately I had something more suitable and at last!!!

Showing the rods in place before slitting the warp yarn I cannot say I like the effect but I will be trying again on my project. I shall set about that tomorrow.

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