Tuesday, 7 March 2017


The flight to India was uneventful. I have to report that, as I remembered, the Virgon lounge is streets ahead of the British Airways and the sleeping were infinitely better. The traffic between the airport and the hotel was horrendous. One third lorries, one third cars and one third tuktuks! See below

All in the same colour scheme of green and yellow. Yesterday afternoon we visited the Government emporia where the States sell their crafts. Bought presents for the family and me!! Dinner in the hotel very good and then a startling night. We were both tired and fell asleep about eight but woke up at midnight and had tea. Then back to sleep and slept through till after nine!! Which put paid to our plans for this morning. After breakfast we wandered round the hotel gardens.

Entrance to hotel

Hotel gardens at breakfast

More gardens

There are loads of flowers everywhere. Lots of British annuals plus bougainvillea, lilies, flame trees palm trees and kumquat trees. And flowers all over the hotel everywhere

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  1. Ah, yes! The shopping! My sister laughed because Mike and I couldn't get the rupees out of our pockets fast enough, we bought gifts for evryone. Back then, one didn't worry about luggage fees, especially as my sister was a PanAm flt attendant.



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