Saturday, 11 March 2017

India 11/03/17

i think it is Saturday and we have done far too many palaces. Apart from that, I am having a terrible time getting photos into blogs. The last blog took me four hours which is too long. The problem is that I have two methods of writing. One can access iPhoto but shuts itself down after a very short time without saving it. The other is well behaved but cannot access iPhoto. So I was writing text in one and adding photos with the other. But it would insist on shutting there may be a dearth of photos from now on.

Yesterday we went looking for tigers. One was spotted about 100 yards away and all traffic stopped and excited Indian cries were heard. He decided to leave. I am not surprised. We saw a lot of deer and wild boar and so on. Later that day we did an ancient fort and palace. Today we did Udiapur which has a lovely station all decorated inside and out. But I must. Say I am nearly all palaces out and I am taking photos of people now. The critical bit is getting full frontal without them realising what I am up to.

Apart that, Dorothy is very excited about somethings we have seen as the basis for her Art Quilts and I am exercised about a jacquard loom. I keep producing designs which are too complicated even for a 32 shaft loom. I may review the situation after I have finished weaving the yardage for Complex Weavers. I am dreading warp that up.

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