Friday, 20 July 2012

Running Someone Else's House

The problem with running someone else's house is that you (I) don't know where things are kept. Where would she keep the cheese grater? The Flour? And, more to the point, where does Riverside Tesco's keep the tea bags. I did a major shop on Tuesday and came home minus several important things. I was back there this morning and managed to get everything on the list and some okra too. Why does Waitrose charge so much for its okra? When I can get three times as much as Tesco for the same money. Mind you the Indian  supermarket at Small brook (South Birmingham) does much better than Tescos.

In the gaps I have been book binding. So far I have made two Japanese books and prepared three Coptic books. I will post photos tomorrow. I have also helped Dorothy sort out space dyed fabrics which she is going to sell at her 'Open Studio' in September. So rather a lot of ironing.

The most interesting thing I have done is to read a book - on my Kindle. It is 'On Poetry' by Glyn Maxwell and if you have the remotest interest in poetry, you must rush out and buy this. It was ectastically reviewed in the Guardian so I bought it and read it overnight. It asks the question 'What is poetry'. Obviously the book is his answer to the question but it is backed up by such examples that the head reels.. I shall read it again next week. .

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  1. Trouble with Riverside Tesco is that as soon as you've found the tea bags they move them somewhere else! The whole of Dundee has a nervous breakdown every time they rearrange.



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