Monday, 4 June 2012

Creative Development Course

I have spent the last two days at a Creative Development Course. and will spend today there as well. Apart from deciding that I should cut back on mixed media and textile work and concentrate on weaving and bookbinding, I have actually reviewed my life and decided that some jobs are really urgent, like dealing with leftovers from Michael's life. This includes all the wine I have in the cellar which I will never drink and all the musicaL stuff which iIknow nothing about. The last consists are a pile several feet high of sheet music, a load of books, recorders, music stands and a flute, not to mention one lute and two treble viols. So I have written to Christies Auction House about the more valuable items and will ring up one of Michael's friends to come and take the rest away.  Quite why I should end up doing this while on the Creative Development course I don't truly understand. But every one in the class said 'Do it now'. So I have.

Samantha the tutor said we were to bring photos of things we liked. I took along my photos from the Japan  trip last autumn and thought about the many photos of bamboo fences I have taken, including this one.  Then wondered if I could turn it into a draft.

So I did. 32 shafts are needed. It will be in 90/2 silk and each bamboo will be one inch wide. A jacket? A blouse? And I bet I have the silk in my stash.

I also thought about binding '20,000 leagues under the Sea' by Jules Verne. I have just bought a text block from the States and I can see there may be problems. Anyway here is a first pass at the cover. It is printed in two volumes and I will fit them into a slipcase when done.

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  1. Perhaps I am your doppelganger ... I'd love to confer via email about managing the boundaries between textile work, natural dyeing, weaving, and playing viol (!!). Too many intersections and overlaps to ignore. Email would be lovely.



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