Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Creative Development (3)

There have been some comments on my diatribe (?) and some  personal emails too from some of my favorite people, all being very supportive. I don't know that it got me anywhere. I am even more certain that my mixed media/textile wall pieces are rubbish. Though they do make acceptable cushions. One thing I have done over the last few days is to transfer my bookbinding notes to a new book. I have serious trouble trying to track down which book my notes referred to. So I have rewritten 3 years of notes into a new, much larger, book (made by me, of course) and photos are now  pasted in next to the relevant notes. This is a great improvement. The other thing I have done is to tie on the Megado's warp. I last wove on the Megado in late March!! And I have to report that the computer system is all working and that the lack of cables snaking across the floor is a great improvement and the lighting is great. I was weaving using only daylight until 7 pm last night. And I am enjoying the weaving.

This is the current state of the Megado - the basis of the 2012 Christmas cards. After I have finished them, I am going to weave some fireworks!!! I should have another 6 yards of warp.

I have been reading Edward Bawden's London which the V and A have just published. I have always liked Bawden and to have a whole thick book of his work is inspiring. I have also bought The High Street which has illustrations by Eric Ravilious. This too has been republished by the V and A. I own 5 or 6 of the original 1930s illustrations. I also own some Wedgwood china in Ravilious designs. I have to say that these pieces were bought some years ago before he caught the public's eye again. I doubt I could afford to buy a whole tea set now!!! And I love it too much to use!!

And although these books are very cheering, a certain amount of gloom has descended as I try to sort last year's accounts out for the Inland Revenue. Why is it that there are always bits of paper missing? Only three this year but each will take a while to find out who to phone, phone them, get through (remembering to dig out any passwords, and/or memorable numbers they might want) and explain what I want. An annual statement ought to be  legally obligatory from anyone who holds my money.

To set against that, I made a slipcase for the repaired children's book this afternoon. I will cover it in book cloth tomorrow. This morning I found a rather splendid piece of paper  to use as lining. It has cupcakes and iced buns all over it. I also found a piece of paper with fishes on it - I have been hunting for this!! Hurrah.  This is for endpapers for teh 20,000 Leagues under the Sea which is the next bookbinding project.

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