Sunday, 24 June 2012

Artistic Whatsits

I have had so many comments about my comments on artistic matters that I feel I should summarise. Some comments came in through the blog where everyone can see them but others came in in private emails.

Several people have commented that, for them, the important factor in what they do is the local availability of a group to share/socialise with. So you might end up spinning when you would rather do braiding. The answer might be to join an online group of which there are many these days. But this does not deal with my own problems which is the feeling that I am spreading efforts too thinly and am becoming hostile to wall hangings (at least those made by me). Someone said 'Do what makes you happy' (Thank you, Yvo). This week I went to bookbinding all day as I shall be away next week and came home very happy and then realised the truth of Yvo's words. The other truth is that I like my bookbinding and am happy to give the results away as presents whereas I would not dream of giving away a textile wall hanging. If I won't hang it on my wall, why should anyone else? So my thoughts have crystallised. No more  wall hangings. Make cushions, bags, things of use at the Bournville class. Or use the fabric created to cover books. And weave of course.

The Midlands Textile Forum is holding a big exhibition at the end of this year and the rules of the exhibition space are that everything has to be hung so they will get yardage. The title is 'Festival and Celebration' and I will have a length of Diversified Plain Weave shortly for it - with fireworks all over it! And there will be some hana-ori and some donsu.

So thank you all  for responding to my rambling. And I have decided that I am artisan, not an artist.

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  1. What a lovely conclusion. The word artisan sums it up beautifully and so much better than craftsperson. I'm a quilter, but love reading about your weaving and looms.
    The exhibition of African cloth sounds wonderful.



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