Monday, 30 May 2011

Newbury Coat Re-enactment (2)

This is a scan of the 'DO NOT DISTURB' notice from our hotel in Brussels. I particularly like the idea of sitting in  the lotus position and drinking a glass of wine. If I sat in the lotus position, I would get stuck and would not be able to get to the door anyway.

Last weekend, I stayed with Rosie in Reading and we reviewed/revised the plans for weaving the Newbury Coat. What the Guild spun at the meeting and I have woven up is too fine so Rosie ended up spinning a yarn of the right thickness and I wound a length of it round a piece of card to show the spinners what we were aiming for (actually 49 pieces of card).

Then on Sunday we went to Henley Farmer's market where Linda Scurr spun, Rosie braided and I loaded lots of cardboard octagons with yarn (150 of them!!). I also had a look round Henley. It's a nice, if upmarket, place. Houses are very expensive. 

They were having an Open Studio weekend and we saw an exhibition of painting etc and a wool shop with an exhibition of textiles including Linda's felt pictures of cats and zebras. I bought some wool/silk yarn space dyed in green and a handbag from the exhibition. And I do not intend to use it myself. It is just perfect for a certain birthday.

Today is a Bank Holiday and it is raining. So it is a good opportunity to clear up. Last week there was so much going on that the house is full of dumped piles of stuff.  I have decided to try and rescue the warp on the Voyager. Tomorrow a firm is coming to clean some of the carpets (it will smell horrible) and I shall retire into the front room (which is not being done) and carry out a rescue operation. 

The other job for today is to review/revise the project list. Various projects appeared out of nowhere and took priority but they are all finished now.

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  1. I keep coming back to read this sign again. I'd rather like one for my office door, but that might send the wrong message.



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