Thursday, 12 May 2011


First I would like to thank everyone who has sent their condolences and expressed good wishes. I am touched by the amount of sympathy and good wishes I have received. I still find it very difficult to talk to strangers. When I went to the Stroud Festival day of talks, I could not bring myself to speak to anyone. Although the emotions and reactions all seem very peculiar - and rather selfish, it seems that I am not experiencing any thing that other people don't. So I am not 'peculiar' just rather normal.

Some of life is strange. Yesterday I went into Worcester (20 minutes drive) to have a hair cut. I realised when I came out of the hairdressers that I did not have to rush home to relieve a carer - something which had become part of my life.  I could, for example, browse the shelves of Waterstones. And I did, bought all sorts of oddments, then went to The Cotton Reel which is a Quilters' Shop and bough 7 or 8 toning colours in each of blue, grey/black and red-black. Later this month Dorothy, my sister, and I are doing an on-line course 'Inspired to Design' by Elizabeth Barton (see here). It is really a quilters course but only the last lesson is about a quilt and I shall avoid/change that. I have a great respect for Elizabeth Barton. In her blog, she asks all sorts of uncomfortable questions like 'Why am I doing this?', 'What am I hoping to achieve?'. I first saw her work at the Festival of Quilts -  ruined factories by a canal, complete with oil slick on the water. I am looking forward to the course.

You are saying well how is the weaving going. It is not going anywhere. Yesterday afternoon I went back to bookbinding. Got on nicely with two books. I hope to finish 'Christmas Carol' next week and I might even finish my new DayBook. Then Anne, my daughter came to stay the night and then today I have been working as in earning money designing antennas. Only the computer refused to fire up and I failed to install the program on a second computer. After an abortive morning and lunch, I decided to have another try with the original computer and this time it fired up. So it is all working but none of my programs will read the files I have been sent so I had to ask for replacements. These have come, I can read them but have a  set of queries about them which have been emailed out. 

Interestingly when I was having coffee this morning and feeling gloomy about work, someone quite different rang and said 'You remember the project which - - -  Well it's come back. You interested?'. Yes I am. I might just go back to work.

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