Sunday, 17 April 2011


This is the third multicoloured warp using the ghost warp. It is wound from two different space-dyed Tencel yarns supplied by  Just Our Yarns. The warp is Fibonacci striped and it has provided a gradation from one colour-way to the other. I did think about the stripe width when designing it but I do wonder if the stripes should have been thicker. Oh well, it is too late now. After the warp was on, I put the colour stripes into Fibreworks on the selected draft and I am sure would have noted the effect of the stripe width because it is quite obvious. Moral, put the correct colours and thicknesses into the draft.

The warp is tied on but I still have to check the threading. The Tencel pilled a lot and I have bust four threads in the winding on which I have to replace.

Today I went to a Braiding Society Day at Aldbourne. Very pleasant and I got on with my kumi-himo braid which has been around for too long. Back home across the Cotswold where the trees are out and England is clad in many shades of green. 

In conversation with various members of the weaving group, I have promised to work up a plan for us all to do woven shibori samples. So I came home and read bits of Catherine Ellis's book and am dismayed. I can't do any planning until I have done it myself. So the 'Weave some Shibori' project has just moved from the 'Maybe sometime' list to the 'Urgent' list.  First thing to do is to read the book from cover to cover and then sort out what yarn to use.

I found a young weaver, Emma Shannon, whose work is very much to my taste. My sister, Dorothy, who was subjected to a disquisition on the excellences of this weaver when she was staying with me, has been to an exhibition in Glasgow and met her and her work. She says it is even better than the photos!!! Do have a look at her blog.

I did a bout of paper work this morning before leaving for Aldbourne and felt  virtuous but I have an incomprehensible form from Michael's pension people. So I will have to see the lawyer early this week.


  1. Like your color for the warp. Good luck with the woven shibori. I will be seeing Catherine in Hendersonville, N.C. the beginning of May. She is doing some work at the Oriole Mill: jacquard looms.

  2. Lucky you!! This woven shibori has a lot of question marks over it for me. But no doubt I'll get there in the end.



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