Thursday, 28 April 2011

Ghost Warp Weaving Finished

The last woven section has been taken off the Megado and I will strip it down and clean it this afternoon. Above are shown the three different patterns in which the Tencel warp was woven. The left one is the original, isolated goose-eyes which was used for the previous two warps. The middle one has a long network drafted treadling. The one on the right has a shorter network drafted treadling which I prefer. I wove this one with a bright red/orange Tencel weft dyed by me in the hopes that the pattern would show up a little more but not so. Actually although the weft colour is vulgar and loud, the cloth is very attractive (in my eyes).

You can just make out the pattern which is as it should be. Now I have yards of this fabric and although it needs fringing and washing, I am not going to that until next week. I must get the next warp on!!

There are a lot of other projects I must complete and I will have a go at them when I have completed the current panic on the Megado.


  1. The cloth is beautiful. I like all three drafts, but the last one best.

  2. oh, yes! I agree with you and Sandra...I like the third one best as well. Lovely colors, too.

    Since I'm a long time reader, but never-before-commenter, please accept my condolences as well.



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