Thursday, 14 April 2011

Everyone has Gone

They have all gone. My sister went off with Jake, the collie cross, at 0530. Robin and Chris (son-in-law and grandson) left for Heathrow at 0630. They will be on their plane to Kuala Lumpur by now.  And I have a new life to start. Though the old one keeps surfacing. A lot of time was spent this morning loading the washing machine and ironing. I then realised that there were none of Michael's shirts to deal with. 

Yesterday Robin and Chris helped to fill the last of sacks of paper to shred - this is old work stuff and nothing to do with Michael. This morning, the sacks were collected. I went to the charity shop (MacMillan's of course) with a carload stuff and the garage is beginning to surface. I have also done a huge amount of telephoning and paperwork. Now I  have been to see the bank etc and have made appointments for an interview.  The lawyer I talked to on the phone and then we had an exchange of documents and that's it for the moment. He has provided a check list of what documents he wants to see. Looks like a lot of work.  But I will tackle that tomorrow.

 The multicoloured warp (No 2 in wool and silk) came off the Megado yesterday. Here it is but not yet washed. The horizontal line is just a fold line. The fabric is very soft and I think will crease badly unless I use an iron-on lining.

I have cleaned up the Megado and resleyed the ghost warp from 16 per inch to 40 per inch. I have also created yet another draft.This one is better than the previous ones but I would not like to say it was perfect until I have woven a few inches.

I intend to wind a warp this afternoon.


  1. That's beautiful: the colours, the textures, the way it falls and drapes onto the grass. Lovely.

  2. Love the new yardage. Wish I could see (and touch) it in person!



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