Saturday 30 April 2011

Caladium Leaves Again

As any longterm reader of this blog will know, I have a fascination with caladium leaves. I have tried several different weaves in an attempt to portray them and am in the middle of yet another one. This time they are in 'Diversified Plain Weave' which uses a mixture of thick and thin yarns. That leads to questions about what epi to use and I got it wrong first time around!! 

 I am using 2/6 and 2/20 cotton so decided that a 10 dent reed would be perfect. Not so. - see photo on left. After weaving a whole pattern, I decided that 14 dents per inch would be perfect. I then discovered a 14 dpi reed in my reed stash which is long enough but is clearly old and not a Megado reed. It is not high enough. I wonder where it came from. 

I settled on a 15dpi reed and the pattern is a bit elongated but acceptable (see left).  I was interested in what happened if you mixed the weft colours. Not good! I think I have some  space dyed 2/6 cotton and will try that before I am through.

What with warping up and then re-sleying, I have been working at the Megado for a long time. I need to finish this length (5 metres) quickly and estimate it will be done by Monday evening. The Stroud Festival starts today and I am going over tomorrow to listen to a talk by Sue Hiley Harris. and see a few of the exhibitions. It looks like an interesting program this year. I find it a bit variable and some years have left me cold.

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