Thursday, 21 October 2010

Visit to Worcester

On the left, a whole object finished for the Creative Textile course!! What is interesting is that the fabric in the arabesques is so similar in colour to the lining and handle - but the lining fabric was dyed two weeks ago and the other was cut from a shirt which was at least ten years old! Is this trying to tell me something about my colour preferences?

Today I spent the afternoon in Worcester, having a hair cut, looking for sewing machine needles for leather (tried three shops before being successful) and visiting the Worcester Resource Exchange. This was my second visit to WRE and I learnt something very important. The turnover is very fast. Lots of things I saw the first time just were gone and there were lots of new things. I came home with some more plastic pipes of large diameter for arashi work, gold metallic foil, some strange bits of tough plastic to be used for clamping silk scarves, Thick rounds of  foam and several pieces of thick plastic mesh for using as screen print material.

Came home a happy bunny to put straps on the bag above and tidy up my stuff to take tomorrow. I hope to take in an exhibition of Utamaro prints touring from the British Museum after the class.

I have finished threading the ghost warp on the Megado and might just get it sleyed later tonight.

Oh and the plumber came and replaced parts of the tank and all is well. 'It's very old, Mrs Foster, practically an antique'. Well it has been here since we moved in 25 years ago. Anyway no drips.

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