Sunday, 17 October 2010

Help on Colour Percentages

This is me asking for help since I can't find what I want on the web nor in Photoshop and some one might have come across something suitable.  It is to do with weaving but off topic for Weavetech.

Suppose I have a colour photo that I like and suppose it is the colour palette  that is the attraction not the actual subject matter. How can I get at the percentages of each colour in the photo? In Photoshop CS, I can ask it to provide a N-colour picture (say N =10) and I can look at the ten colours the program selects. Internally the program must know the amounts of each colour to do this. How do I get at this information? Or does anyone know of any other program which would do this?

What I want to do is create a fabric based on the colours in a photo. I can guess pink and brown but Photoshop provides a range of browns and grey and I need to know how much.

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