Sunday, 14 March 2010

Yet Another Project

The threading up proceeds a little faster. I dismantled a bit more loom to make it easier to reach through all 32 shafts and things have gone faster - better for my shoulders too. 

 I have been making stencils and using Paintstix and that is going quite well. I discovered how to cut the paper tidily - suggested by my sister, Dorothy. The paper is in a roll. Cut off 6 or 8 feet with scissors, fold down the centre line carefully. Now it will fit in the guillotine! And that works well. The photo does not show up the smudges of Paintstix on two of the pictures which will have to be rejected. It is not possible to use a stencil with Paintstix more than 2 or 3 times without generating smudges. Means lots of stencil cutting. The stencils are made from  printing photos of caladium leaves on stiff paper and cutting them out, sometimes cutting an interior one as well to give veins. Good fun.

The title says 'New Project'. I am much better at inventing projects than carrying them out. There just does not seem to be enough time. This one is involved (when are my weaving projects not involved?). I start by winding a warp in 2-ply wool and chaining it very tightly, then dye it in bright oranges and browns. This will give a fabric  flecked in orange and brown when woven up. Warp this up with a pale grey unmercerised cotton which is a little thicker than the wool and have equal numbers of threads. Weave in twill or tabby (not important at this stage) with alternate wool and cotton. When off the loom, use devore to print maple leaves over the fabric and they should come out in bright browns and oranges against a grey background which is tinged with orange/brown. There is no doubt that the results cannot be predicted so I may have to do this two or three times. There is a question as to what colour the weft wool should be. I will think about it.  It might have to be dyed to match one of the colours in the warp. I have in mind an entry in an exhibition 'Inspirations from Nature'. The finished objects will be scarves.

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