Monday, 8 March 2010

Michael's Enamels

On November 6th 2009, I showed some output from Photoshop of a project using Michael's enamel samples. This is the latest (definitive) version. I matched the plain colours as well as I could to William Hall's shade card for 2/12s cotton. The colours are muddy which Michael says, is the results of using a copper base. The only one which was a problem was the red so I ordered two slightly different shades. Now they are with me, I have decided to use both. I decided that I did not want to make up a coloured square out of two colours of cotton but have both warp and weft the same in each coloured square. The colours have been changed round so that, in each row and each column, there are only two colours. So I need two cloths for the colours plus one black and one grey silk for the pockets. Each column contains 80 threads and I am winding a warp for each column and each colour, 15 warps 3 meters long, each with 80 threads in it. Plus the grey silk which will go on the second beam.

For a minute or two, I considered warping up the Megado from front to back but realised this is not feasible. I could not reach shaft No 1 from the back of the loom to thread it up. 

Last time I blogged about this project, I was worried about the draft. I can just about see it is okay but the warping is correct and, once that is on, I will soon find out if I have the draft right. I started winding the warp last night and have done a third of them.

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  1. This is exciting, I'm really looking forward to seeing how this project develops, especially as I'm familiar with the yarns you are using. (I got lots of different colours of 2/12 cotton from William Hall for weaving a colour sampler, now using them in bands and braids.)



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