Thursday, 18 March 2010

Progress (2)

I finished off my first Coptic binding yesterday.  It is A5 size. The covers look really good and I must pester my daughter in Kuala Lumpur to bring me some more paper. Someone in my class would like to have a go using it. This one was sewn with a red linen thread. Next time - and there will be a next time shortly - I will use thicker, more prominent thread.  I have a large plastic crate full of linen and tow yarn  upstairs and will start by looking in there.

I did suggest in  my last blog that I might abandon the end-papers for Omar Khayyam but I had a thought triggered by Michael saying 'Why are you having all this trouble? You haven't had trouble with endpapers before. What's different?' What is different is using standard photocopy paper to print on! I asked the tutor if this was likely and she said yes. She also thought I might meet trouble if I printed on handmade paper and why not use some of her standard cartridge paper!! So I have brought 4 A2 sheets of cartridge paper home and will try this weekend with both sorts of paper.

The threading up will be completed today and then I will sley up which should be easy.

I will have to spend some time this weekend, putting a sleeve on 'Reflections' to hang it. I asked my sister, Dorothy, who is an expert quilter and embroiderer about this technique and she pointed out that I have one of her quilts with a sleeve on the back! So I have a pattern to copy. I will wash the silk first and, of course, wash whatever I am going to make the sleeve out of. I will have a hunt for something suitable. What with looking thread for Coptic binding, looking for something nice in the woven line to cover the next Coptic binding and finding fabric for the sleeve, I can see that I will be upstairs ferreting for a bit today.

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