Friday, 26 March 2010

Finishing 'Reflections'

 Jane Dunnewold of Art Cloth Studios has a nice tutorial on how to hang 'Art Cloths' on her website. I know Reflections is not an Art Cloth (note the capitals)  but it does need hanging and no instructions have been supplied by the Exhibition organisers.  She (JD) is very against using dowel rod and for using wood or perspex with a rectangular
cross-section. It should be cut a quarter of an inch shorter than the width  of the cloth and  have an eye inserted in the each end. Monofilament can be used to hang the cloth. This method has the advantage over dowelling that there are eyes to anchor the support thread. To roll it for posting,  insert the support rod in its pocket, fold the fabric  in half lengthwise and put in a cardboard cylinder. Put a second cardboard cylinder up against the first and roll up.

You end up with a nice tidy roll with the yardage ends on the outside which means they are not digging into the fabric.

So there we are. But not quite finished. It needs to be ironed again before posting which cannot be done until after April 1st.

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