Friday, 8 January 2010

Still on Rainbow

My method for printing Rainbow has been, put 4 sheets of Bockingford and one sheet of standard copier paper in the back tray of the Canon, set up the printer to print sheets 1,3,5,7 and 9. Page 9 is for the endpapers which can't be Bockingford 190gsm as it is too stiff. Go upstairs remove the endpapers, turn round the other four sheets and insert them upside-down, go downstairs and set up to print sheets 2,4,6,8. There are two book pages to a sheet. That has worked fine until this morning when the printer refused to print. Poking about and several trials proved that the problem was the Bockingford  which is from a newly opened pack. The Canon will print a page from that pack at a time but it won't contemplate printing if there is more than one sheet in the feed tray. Interesting. Gives me lots of exercise. I must have been up and down stairs 10 times in the last 30 minutes. I have now finished all the printing and page trimming and will have to wait for some hours to let the covers dry.

Panic set in last night when I realised I was about to run out of PVA and the prospect of walking 2 miles each way in the snow to the local Art Shop  was daunting. I did wonder if the deli was functioning as  they have nice coffee and cakes. But I found a new bottle of PVA so coffee will have to be here - and no cakes.

I decided I would have to find another piece of cloth for the last set of covers. Another hunt through the stash produced something acceptable and it is has been cut to size, ironed and PVA'd to a sheet of paper. It is now drying under pressure.

And here they all are. I like the top left best. The strange background around the middle left is because the photo is a composite. That one is with Michael in hospital. All the fabric is a close-woven cotton. The two very dark ones behaved well, came from a quilt shop in Worcester. The middle left is a piece of Swiss hand-dyed cotton.. The other two are American cottons bought from a quilt shop in Tampa Bay in 2008.

Tomorrow I will draw some caladiums.

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