Sunday, 24 January 2010

Double Cloth Scarf based on Black Jack (2)

I have plaited the fringe and it looks much better. Quite happy about this. Now to warp up the Voyager again with waffle weave.

Yesterday was the first day of the  Guild weaving course with five beginners and seven 'improvers'. I don't know who thought of that term but it is rather nice. Two of the improvers were warping up with sticky yarns, one was designing a double cloth blanket (I  fear that eight shafts are not enough what she has in mind). Someone else was winding a warp of cottolin to do tea-towels and one arrived with a loom warped up and her samples half done. One of her samples is stunning beyond belief. I never thought to take my camera but I must capture that. So 'take camera' is on my list for next Saturday.

Michael has settled in at Malvern Hospital and seems very cheerful and is bored. That is always a good sign. He says he is fed-up reading. I suggested taking in his portable CD player which he rejected as 'too passive'. So I took in a small drawing book plus two pens. And this morning at the newsagents, I managed to buy a book of crosswords. I can see me taking in our travelling Scrabble to occupy him.

He is being quite good about doing his exercise once an hour and I think he is improving.

Rosie Price has thought of a good day of therapy for me. We are going to London in ten  days time and starting at Handweavers Studio to look at these new yarns they are stocking - stainless steel! I see that they have fine tencel in ecru which can be dyed. I am not expert at Procion dyes but I am so desperate to weave up my space dyed Tencel which I bought from my favourite store, Just Our Yarns, that I am prepared to learn!! I wove a waistcoat using their yarn which is wonderfully subtle.

The story of the UK contingent at the Just Our Yarns stand at Convergence is worth telling. Some of us found them early on and bought yarn, showed it around, thought about it and returned the next day with friends. And the next day too!!! We were greeted as old friends on our last visit! Just don't ask how much we spent.

And the rest of my therapy day will be spent at Tate Modern!

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  1. I do like the way the colours flow in the fringe, it makes a lovely contrast in both colour and texture to the rest of the scarf.

    I certainly wouldn't dream of asking how much you spent on yarns, just in case you asked the value of my stash ... ! Let's just keep quiet about that and enjoy the weaving!

    Enjoy your therapy day, it sounds well planned and fun.



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