Wednesday, 20 January 2010

More Snow

Woke up this morning to more snow. This is the view through the glass of our back door with the golden bamboo bent over with snow. I could hear cars having trouble on our steep road. This culminated in a bus driver appearing at my door to ask if I had a shovel he could borrow because he was stuck. He and the passengers got the bus going and they have gone. It is still snowing  and the patio table (my standard for snow) is carrying a nicely iced cake again. I was going to have a hair cut in Worcester - that's postponed. I was going to a bookbinding class - I have told them I might not make it. But who knows, if the snow turns to rain as forecast, I might make it.

So this morning will be devoted to printing out the caladium book and making it up as well as weaving on the Voyager. I will look out silk for the fan reed weaving as well. I had problems with duplex printing yesterday and tried out a different scheme - basically just letting the first side dry over night. That did not work. It is something to do with duplex printing large areas of very dark colours. Either side will print happily by itself. But the second printing is always smeared with dark blobs. I thought I could stick 2 sheets of Bockingford together but the sheet becomes far too thick and unbendable. So I will replace the two backing photos, making sure not to pick anything containing large areas of dark!

The icing on the patio table is increasing all the time!

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