Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Wool and Silk Fabric Finished

The Wool and Silk Fabric is off the loom. It is 1.55m long and 48 cm wide and is very soft but quite thick. I do not know what to do with it. I have enough waistcoats and the Aland Island fabric will be transformed into a jerkin with a front zip and knitted sleeves and I intend to make a waistcoat out of velvet space dyed by me.  Oh well!
Most of the afternoon has been occupied with fighting with my Google website. The problem was how to add photos to the Weaving Gallery. When I did work it out, I made notes in EVERNOTE which is becoming a handy bag for all sorts of notes. It has taken me three lines to describe the events but it took hours.
This morning, the second volume of Mallory was clad in leather. When it dries, there are some details to be completed, like pasting in the endpapers. So I have turned my attention to the next project which is a library binding for a book of 1850 which belongs to Chris Fletcher. Quite a bit has been completed. It will not take anything like  the same time to complete as the Mallory.
I had thought of the next project following on from Sir Patrick Spens to be a book on the Children of Lir. I have been reading the tale in various versions and it does not provide me with any inspiration for a book. Instead I am toying with a Perspex box covered with fabric with each side showing a woven aspect of the tale. I can see this taking some time to mature!

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