Thursday, 5 February 2015

Twisted, Tied and Dyed Warp


The yarns was wound into three identical warps of 60 threads each. These were twisted together and then bound with a thin string and space dyed. The blue yarn was dyed for use as more warp while the lavender was dyed as weft. The yarn is 50:50 silk and merino from Winghams Wools.

Here is the warp on the loom with several inches of weaving completed. The threading was a point twill and the liftplan gives a goose eye twill. It is 24 inches in width.

I have also completed one copy of Sir Patrick Spens. I did one last year and gave it away as a Christmas present. This one is much better.

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  1. Thought of you last evening when Fairport Convention played Sir Patrick Spens
    worth a listen if you are so inclined. May have sent before (if so sorry)



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