Monday 2 February 2015

Pleated Samples in Tencel

Before Christmas, I finished off a pleated scarf in Tencel on the Louet Kombo. There was about a metre of warp left and I decided to do some samples, to see if I could get them looking better and to experiment with the width of pleat.
This is better done. You need to take great care when adjusting the tension to take up the pleat slack. I do not care much for the wide pleats which have a total width of two inches. The smaller ones are nicer in my opinion. I have taken the samples off the loom and tidied everything up. My next job will be weave a very simple scarf of space dyed wool and silk. You might wonder what has happened to the Megado. It is waiting. I am bored by the slow progress and decided to do a couple of quick projects. I will be done with the scarf in two or three days and will go back to the Megado then.
I have glued up one copy of Sir Patrick Spens but it lacks a cover which I shall do today. It is bitterly cold and my feet are cold even inside the house which is centrally heated. Outside it is much worse. So everyone in Malvern is busily cancelling everything. It gives me lots of time to complete projects.
On Saturday evening I went to see a production from the New York Met of the Tales of Hoffman. Very well done as you might expect and I speak as one who has seen a lot of different productions, starting with one at the Edinburgh Festival in the early fifties. BUT, and it is a large but, I had an odd experience. The last act is set in Venice. The lead female was in a pink crinoline and piled high white wig - and all the time I kept seeing a previous production where the music was just as marvellous but the lead female wore a black bodysuit with an emerald green transparent cloak. I just did not like the costumes and the set-up compared with the previous one. It does not make any difference to the music of the Barcarolle going round in my head two days later. And I cannot remember where I saw the previous production. I do wonder whether it was a filmed version because there was magic.

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