Thursday, 15 January 2015

The Coptic Shroud is finished

I cut the seamless garment off the loom yesterday and spent today hemming the shoulders and sewing on (by hand) the shoulder bands.
The belt is not long enough and the ands are too wide. It would have been better if they were half the width but that is what comes of using a two-tie weave. The original would have been weft faced and pick up. I have said 'inspired by a Coptic shroud' and not claimed to have made an exact copy. The seamless garment worked!!
In between times, I have woven a second  warp. I have enough of the cream linen warp left to be one cloth of my next project on the Megado which is a reversible tweed in stitched double cloth. The yarn is a fine worsted and so I need 1100 threads per cloth. I am going to put on a ghost warp because I want to use the threading twice for two total different projects. The second warp is done from lots of oddments of cotton and cottolin. The most important aspect is the colour which must not be white or cream. The cream linen will act as one cloth and the multi-coloured warp as the second  cloth.

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  1. Looks good! I always say "inspired by" since exact reproduction is so difficult to achieve, even with the best intentions and the best tools and techniques in play.



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