Monday, 19 January 2015

Weaving Records

The threading up on the Megado is very slow. After all there are 2200 threads to deal with and the threading hops around all over the place, well over 32 shafts. I know, I have only myself to blame. But I am glad I decided to put on a ghost warp. At least the threading will be okay. I cannot bend over the Megado for more than 60 to 90 minutes at a time so, in between times, I have been considering the records problem, which is that it takes me a long time to find anything. Last week I was hunting for a draft and photo for a lace scarf I had woven in the past but exactly when? I found it in the end but only by running a global search for various things I thought it might be called!
I keep my records in two places except that I have recently added to this complexity
1) I keep the computer files (EXCEL, Fibreworks, jpegs of photos) in a subdirectory. So one project, one subdirectory, and these are filed alphabetically under a master directory, PROJECTS. Each project sub-directory is given a descriptive title, for example, BrownWoolLaceScarf.
2) The associated notes and paper work, a print out of the EXCEL file for example or handwritten notes on dimensions and what happened when finished. Also a woven sample where feasible but often these are too big to put in the file. These are filed in Lever Arch files with ten numbered sub-dividers. Each file has a sheet at the front which says what is under each number and the start and finish dates. So for instance P7 says Log Cabin Yellow scarf (NNA Exhibition ) 07/1/11- 16/01/11.
3) Most recent. I acquired a lot of A4 sized clear plastic boxes which are hinged and I have been putting the bigger samples in these.
My problem now is trying to find stuff. Record keeping started in 1977 and the current Lever Arch file is U. (Do not ask what happens when I get to Z)
I need to do something because firstly the clear plastic boxes are not properly correlated with anything else and secondly I am tired of spending hours trying to find things. One solution that might work is to rename all the subdirectories so that BrownWoolLaceScarf would become BrownWoolLaceScarf2014T7. And clearly every plastic box needs to be labelled with the name, Lever Arch file number and date.
Before I start out on this which will take some time, I would welcome inputs from others on their method of keeping records. Anyone who has been weaving for more than a year or two must have devised a system. What's your system?


  1. One suggestion for renaming your subdirectories would be to put the year first, so 2014T7BrownWoolLaceScarf. Doing this would present them in the order of date woven first and alphabetically within each year. So if you have an idea when you wove it, this may speed things up. (Unless you prefer alphabetical.). Also, adding a file within that directory with a note telling where related physical files exist would be helpful. That could be a daunting task, but could be done over time.

  2. In every filing system I've used, if there are more than 26 categories, AA comes after Z. I agree with Cathy - all the dates I use begin with the year, month, day (in yymmdd format) - that way, the files can easily be sorted alphanumerically



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