Monday, 26 January 2015

Chemise for SEAC Cartoons

I have been sleying the Megado which is a very long job. Every now and then I go away and do something else and, having found all the missing sub-directories, put some stuff on ebay for sale and collected and filed all the documents about the house, I set about making a chemise for the book of SEAC cartoons.
'Chemise' is the technical bookbinding word for a protective wrap around cover! 15th century apparently. First I had to find a piece of card, thin but stout, which was big enough to use. Then there was felt to find, again thin but stout, and then a suitable patterned paper to cover the unfelted bits. Since each step in  the making needed a 20 minute wait for the PVA glue to dry, it has taken all afternoon.
Outside of chemise covered in a nice green bookcloth. So that's another job done. Now I have to make a box for it. Last time I made a box it was not very good. Try harder, Pat.

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