Sunday, 25 January 2015

Still on Records

Firstly I have finished threading up the ghost warp. This has been such a marathon that I am thinking hard of other projects to use it for. Now I have to sley it and look for errors and try it out. I still have the first warp, reversible tweed, to wind. Oddly enough as I was driving back from the weaving class, I had a sudden revelation of another different pattern. So much so that I am going to have to try both.
Which gets me nicely on the Guild weaving class. I have 11 students this year and the topic is tweed. I have issued comprehensive instructions on weaving the samples and how to wash them. They are not allowed to proceed until the samples have been finished. (Yes I am horrible to them).  Yesterday two students appeared, beaming from ear to ear with treated samples and everyone crowded round and exclaimed over the difference between untreated, lightly treated, and thumped to not quite bits treated. All the designs are very different and they are all lovely. There is one lightweight tweed which is clearly intended for a man's jacket to be used in the Highlands when hunting deer!  Most people are using 28/2 which means the result is not too thick. One of the great pleasures in life is seeing all these wonderful fabrics.
And also time has been spent on the weaving records. I did four books last night and have a long list of things I cannot find. I will try to find these today. Reasons for not finding them? The name on the computer files is wildly different from the name in the Lever Arch file, that particular topic is included under another topic because it was done on the same warp, it was done in a class and those are filed separately( not any more) and so on. Anything I could have done wrong, I have.

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