Friday, 23 January 2015

Not Finished Yet

I am still threading up the Megado but I have done six repeats. Only two more to go! I should have it finished by Sunday. Today is clear for threading, Saturday I teach at the weaving class. This year we are doing tweed and there are real high class pieces.
In between times, I have launched out on the records. I decided to do the following
1) create a subdirectory for every year
2) file each of the existing subdirectories according year of start
3) rename each subdirectory, adding the Lever Arch file number to the end
I started at the present and worked backwards and have got to 2008. Need I say that I found all sorts of discrepancies which have been put right except for one file which is named Handspun Cushions. and actually contains photos. But can I find the corresponding computer file? Oh well. I am working on the assumption that, when I have finished, there will files left over which I can match up.
I had comments from several people but no-one described their own filing system. Someone out there must a system of their own. I can't believe I am the only person who fusses about their filing system.
I have arranged to go over to the PrintShed next Tuesday and use their press to do some lino printing on Sir Patrick Spens. I hope I will be able to print off at least one perfect set.


  1. I didn't describe mine, because I haven't got an all-encompassing one. On the computer, in the directory of weave drafts, I have subdirectories for different categories: straight draw, parallel thread, interleaved thread, block weaves, tied weaves, etc. In the directory of planning spreadsheets, everything is sorted by date. I used to keep a copy of the planning spreadsheet for every project in a big 3-ring binder, with samples if I wove any, or at least thread samples. The binder(s) got too big, so I sort of faded out on 'em... It's rare that I can't find *anything* about a given project, though.

  2. I agree the binders get too big. Mine occupy three shelves in the offices - but I would always want to have a paper trail! Interesting to file by weave type. I can see advantages in that. My files get named according to what the end object was so 'Ruthcushions', 'LindaCape'

  3. Don't forget the "notes" section that most software has. I often put in notes even before there is a "project" - sort of ramblings about what this draft might be used for.
    Years later it can be interesting to follow a draft through it's various applications.



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